Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Two ear infections, One ruptured eardrum, and a Partridge in a pear tree!!

Parker has finished his antibiotics for his last infection, and has not been getting better. The weekend was horrible. He was just so sick. Saturday night he was up crying three times with me. He has slept so well since being GF, that I though maybe we had made a boo-boo, but he was showing none of his other gluten symptoms. We put him to bed Sunday night, medicated, bathed, and humidifier blasting. He slept great. He woke up Monday morning with snot everywhere, including his ear. I got him all cleaned up, thinking that he had wiped his nose and then rubbed his ear (gross, I know!). A few minutes later I notice that his ear is leaking (ummm...yuck!), and after getting him cleaned up again, we call the ped. He is seen in the morning, and the doc says that both ears are badly infected, and his right eardrum has ruptured. I was told that the reason he seemed better Monday than over the weekend is that after the eardrum bursts, it relieves the pressure and pain in that ear. We are given prescriptions for a stronger oral antibiotic, and a eardrop antibiotic. Hopefully, this stuff will work, and he will be back to his usual self!


SkinCareMom said...

If it isn't one thing, it is another.... Big {{{{HUGS}}}} for all of you!

Love ya!
Auntie Jill:-)

Lyns said...

Ahh poor boy.. and Mama & Daddy! I'm glad he's getting the medicine he needs, and I hope this means a clean bill of health for a long while to come ;0)