Monday, March 19, 2007

Double Ear Infection!!

We are on the antibiotic route AGAIN!! We took Parker in because his pink eye was not clearing up + he starting running a fever. He has a double ear infection. Poor guy. So he was started on some major antibiotics, and we began giving him probiotics at home along with them. The antibiotics were making his stomach bad, but once we started the probiotics we were on the road to recovery.
Hopefully today we will be making some GF playdough. Brennan has been begging for playdough for a week!
I will post after we make it, and let you know how the recipe turns out!
PS- Trader Joes Pear Sauce hides the taste of probiotics well, and is OH SO YUMMY!!!

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Lyns said...

Ugh, you guys just cannot get going on staying well, can ya? ((Hugs))