Monday, September 7, 2009

Brennan and "his girl"

Those of you that have ever been to my house, have probably noticed E*. E is Brennan's best friend, his "girl", the woman he says someday will be his wife. ;) They are adorable together playing legos, building forts, sharing a chair to play SPORE on the computer. E lives just a few houses down, and the days are loooooooong when we are home and she is not. They are adorably inseparable and we thank God that he gave us such great neighbors. E's parents are young like us, super nice, and share similar values (so I know Brennan will not come home to tell me all about the *new words* he learned at their house (rolls eyes)). Last night we had dinner together, and we had a great time. The kids (3 of ours+3 of theirs) played well together and it was a casual time of food and fun. I anticipate many more dinners together in the future, and I am thankful that we live in such a great neighborhood!

Two nights ago, Brennan and E were eating pizza in the backyard, and I noticed that they had a piece of yarn attaching themselves to each other. Each end was tied on one of their fingers. They ate that way, made a fort that way, and even figured out how to swing on the swings while tied to each other. Tomorrow night we find class lists will be posted at school. Even though we have prepped them to the possibility that they might not be in the same class together, I have a feeling there will be tears if they are not in the same class next year. I mean, it will be pretty hard to tie yourself to your best friend, if she is in another classroom. ;) Although...these two kids are pretty inventive. And I have a feeling that they won't let something like a classroom wall break their tie.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking's a miracle!

Sometimes when you are a mama to a special needs child, your life is currently (and always) so overwhelming, that it is difficult to look back and see how far you have come. Two years ago, Parker had virtually no language (expressive or receptive), no appropriate play skills, no interest in "our world". The focus of my life was to bring Parker into this world as much as possible, for him to know that we love him, and for him to be able to communicate his wants and needs. Flash forward to today. Life is still a struggle, but the problems are those that I would have prayed for two short years ago. My child speaks, plays, feeds himself, and is now (drum roll please) POTTY TRAINED!!! Who would have ever though that in two years we would have made such amazing progress. It is truly a miracle. We still struggle with many issues with Parker, and autism doesn't seem to leave, it just changes. I am truly blessed!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Summer of '09- A pictorial

We swam!

We camped in our NEW (to us) trailer!

We fished

We Partied!! (Brennan turned 7 and Parker turned 4)

We are enjoying our last week of summer. School starts Tuesday, Sept 8th for Parker (PreK at First Pres. Preschool) and Thursday, Sept 10th for Andrew (4th grade at Lone Pine) and Brennan (2nd grade at Lone Pine). We are starting to *ease* into a school schedule (much to the boy's dismay), which means earlier bedtimes. :):):)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Who invited rain to the summer party?!

Today was the last day of school for Andrew and Brennan, and all week we have had dreadful weather! :( It is warm (80*), muggy, and we have had rain and thunderstorms off and on. It doesn't feel like summer to me, and my boys are a bit stir-crazy!! So, I made them some playdough and all three boys are playing happily (knock on wood) for now.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6 more school days!!

The end of the school year is always bittersweet.  I look forward to not dealing with homework and the alarm clock  not going off before 7am, but I do NOT look for forward to filling the boys days with activities, while keeping up with work.  I love the sunshine, popsicles in the backyard, and swimming at the lake.  

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Journey Continues...

I haven't blogged all year long. It wasn't out of a lack of desire. I wanted to, but life just got in the way. We are at the end of the school year. Andrew is about to finish third grade, Brennan is about to complete first grade, and Parker has only a few days left of his first year of preschool. This has been a full year. Matt and I still work for Sparrow Clubs and we love it! In addition, I work two nights a week at Redrock Italian Eatery as a server. Andrew has progressed in karate and now has advanced to "weapons training" (in addition to his regular classes). Brennan is playing soccer again. He loves it. I would like to enroll all three boys in swim lessons this summer. I am hoping that blogging will become a regular part of my life again. The boys grow up and change so fast that I think that this is an amazing way to document the journey...especially with Parker. I would never have believed that he would have made the progress this year that he has. He is talking so well and is making huge social gains!! I have had a few opportunities to go up to Salem to speak to legislators about Parkers story and the importance of adequately funding early intervention. This last time I went up and testified to the Dept of Education. It was a scary and humbling experience. I am always amazed that God would choose to use someone like me...just a speak to decision makers. But He does, and while it is WAY out of my comfort zone, I am trying to be obedient.
Now...lets see those cutie boys!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

First Day of School pics

Yes, school has been "in session" for over two weeks. But I figured that most of you would want to see these...even if I am a "lame-o" blogger. ;)
Andrew started 3rd grade

Brennan is in 1st grade

And Parker goes to Early Intervention preschool 3 mornings a week