Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cold feet

Nothing is worse than cold feet.
I am a warm weather girl, and to be perfectly honest...
I HATE the cold.
I love summer time
Wearing flip flops
Fraps from Starbucks and smoothies from my kitchen
Eating dinner on the deck

And now...fall is upon us.
It is cold, and wet, and cold, and rainy, and COLD!!
I know, I know. There is something about being in a warm house, eating homemade soup, watching the rain pound on the windows. And don't get me wrong. That is fun and cozy...for a day or two.
Then the boys get bored,
and runny noses start,
and layers of clothing just to go out and get the mail,
and bundling three cranky boys up to just run to the grocery store.
And NOTHING is worse than COLD feet.
Time to break out some wool socks!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A well placed taser ™ will take out even the most deadly of ninjas.

This is a post from Dwight Schrute's blog. Yes, there is a DWIGHT SCHRUTE BLOG!!!!
Very little makes my day brighter than a little Dwight K. Schrute....well, that or an iced mocha!
Here is the link for my fellow Office fans:

An excerpt for you!!
When Ninjas Attack!
Every year, when spring comes, my mind goes to one place and one place only, Ninjas.

Every time you read about Ninja’s attacking somebody or assassinating some public figure, it seems to happen in the spring. I’m not sure why, it’s just the way it is.

Maybe it’s the fact that the spring is traditionally the new year in most pagan religions. It is also the Persian festival, “Naw Ruz” or “New Year”.

Whether it is a throwing star to the neck at a bowling alley, a poison spike that sails through an open window and lodges itself in the fleshy part of the leg, or a mysterious black-clad figure with a bo staff, perched up on the ceiling of your garage as you pull in your car from your awesome job, ninja attacks can and will happen anywhere and anytime.

And they happen to the best people too. Just ask my cousin Heindl. She has lost 12% hearing in her left ear from one.

Things to remember:

Be alert. Everybody loves a lert. (Ziggy joke)

Check ceilings first, when doing your safety inspections, that’s where they like to ‘hang’.

The best defense against a ‘shuriken’ or throwing star is a good offense. Also, armor.

You will never beat a ninja at a sword fight, one on one. When the Ninja draws his sword, fire your taser ™. A well placed taser ™ will take out even the most deadly of ninjas.

Show them that you know they’re there. Shout out, when entering a new locale or a suspicious locale, “I know you’re there, Mr. Ninja. Your element of surprise has now been taken away” [I’ve gotten many ‘funny’ looks for this kind of preparedness, but so be it. That is a risk I’m willing to take. Are YOU!?]

But most importantly, remember that a Ninja is only trying to kill you if someone has hired that ninja to do so. So for every ass-kicking Ninja trying to take someone out there is some alienated girlfriend, some enemy rival at the workplace or some Japanese feudal lord who has paid that Ninja to kill. Or worse.

I hope this web log has made your spring a more beautiful and restful time. That was the author’s intent. Also, fear.

Dwight Kurt Schrute, Assistant Regional manager, Dunder-Mifflin Paper
Chairman and Founder, Lackawanna County Ninja Preparedness Council

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halloween costume issue!

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My boys all LOVE Halloween. Who doesn't love costumes and candy, right?! (we don't do the scary stuff). Brennan is going to be a vet, or as he puts it, "a pup doctor". Andrew is not sure what to be yet, but is excited about all of the possiblities out there. Parker is another story. He will HATE to be dressed up. If he was my first child, I probably wouldn't bother this year, but the older two are SO excited at the prospect of dressing up Parker, that I am not sure what to do. Nothing big or bulky. Nothing with a mask or a hood. Nothing requiring any face paint or make up. I don't want to spend a lot of money on a costume that he won't be happy in, ya know?
I have this dragon costume that my mom made my little brother David when he was small (so the costume is over 20 years old). I thought that it would work for Parker. I tried it yesterday, he screamed. I tried it again today, he hated it, but there was less screaming. I think that if I don't make him wear the hood, and if I keep "practicing" with him every day, maybe he will toerate it when Halloween arrives.

Here are some pictures of my grumpy dragon:

Eating green onions

Parker's sensory issues are worse. When he can't handle a situation he tends to pull *strong* tastes off his PECS choice board, like pickles. Last night after the costume fiasco, I was making stir fry for dinner and cutting up green onions. He was whining my feet, so I gave him one. Not the hollow end, but a long piece of the solid end by the bulb. He crunched it all down. He then ate a few more before I cut him off. I didn't want him to get a stomache ache. His breath was kickin!!
Here is a short video of my onion-eater!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I wasn't even THINKING!!

So, I was making brownies (gluten filled) last night for our weekly date with D&E. I started to clean up after I put then in the oven, went to rinse out the bowl, and shoved the gluten covered brownie spatula into my mouth.
Instant panic.
I spit it out into the sink and then rinsed my mouth out with water about 10x.
Really stupid. It just shows that on the GF diet you can never stop thinking. 28 years of not thinking about what I put into my mouth is a hard habit to break.
I took a multi-enzyme, and hoped for the best.
I didn't get sick.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Parker talking!! (video)

Here is some video of Parker talking. His vocabulary is still very small, but he has made some improvements. The *ready, set, DOOOOOOOOOOO* has taken 6 months of therapy to *sink in*, and finally after working with Alisha one day, something just clicked!

We are working on "No!". It is one of the first words that he is trying to mimic.
We are excited about his progress. Slow and steady wins the race, right?!;)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another school year begins!

Andrew started second grade at Lone Pine Elementary this year.

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Brennan started Kindergarten this year. He is in the a.m. program, and "wishes school was longer".

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