Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Today Parker had an appointment with Dr. Narus who is a pediatric neurologist. Let me start off by saying that Matt and I both LOVE him. We think that he is a great doctor. He was super thorough, asked a TON of questions, and explained everything to us. His basic synopsis is that his gut is telling him that there is nothing neurologically wrong with Parker. He still wants to do a CT scan here in Medford, but we are feeling GREAT about it since Parker does not have to be put under for that. There are still some unanswered questions about his metabolic work up, but nothing too alarming at this point. Had Parker not started walking last week I think that this appointment would have been very different, but he is walking more and more every day.
He will be seen again after the CT scan (which is at least a few weeks out), and we will go from there, but we are very hopeful after such an encouraging appointment!! Thank you all for your prayers!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Want to know a secret?

I think that I am a shame to mothers of Gluten Free children everywhere. Every gluten free blog I read is full of people who love to cook gluten free dishes, and they do it beautifully. They show pictures of their incredible creations, and I drool a little bit on my keyboard. Having a child with CD means that cooking is a must. You must cook most (if not all) of your meals and bake most (if not all) of your baked goods. Here is my dirty little secret...
I hate to cook. I don't enjoy it, even a little bit. I am not very good at it, and it is not fun for me.
I feel better now that it is off my chest. People have told me that I will enjoy it more, if I do it more. I am trying. Maybe if I was good at it, I would like it. But there are some things that I actually DO make well, and I don't even find joy in making those things.
But sometimes you have to do things in life that you do not like. I could probably get away with cooking less, if I made my whole household gluten free, but I am not ready to do that yet. So, for now, I cook 2 dinners most nights. I am aware that someday that will have to change. Right now Parker is allergic to dairy and corn in addition to having CD, so my choices of recipes are somewhat limited.
So, I keep plugging away...doing what I need to do to keep Parker happy and healthy. Right now, I have a loaf of bread to bake.

Tomorrow we see the neurologist

Tomorrow we take Parker to see Dr. Narus. He is a pediatric neurologist here in town. He also sits on the metabolic board up at OHSU. He has the blood work results in his hot little hand from all of Parkers tests a few weeks ago. All I know is that there were six test results that came back "out of the normal range". I am sick with worry, but I know that my God is a great God, who loves Parker more that Matt or I.
Before Parker was walking, we were told by our pediatrician that Parker would definately have to go up to Portland for an MRI. Now that he is walking (although not regularly), we are hoping that is not the case. We probably will still have to go up there for more blood work, but who knows...
If you think about it, please be praying for us.

Friday, February 23, 2007

He is still doing it!!

I know it is a silly fear, but every time I put Parker to bed, I wonder if when he wakes up if he will still be able to walk. It still feels like such a miracle, that I am afraid that it will go away. So far, so good!!
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It is a Miracle!!!

Parker is WALKING !!
Today, Parker started walking!!!!!!!!! I am not even joking! Matt and I were working with Parker, doing some PT, and he just let go of me, and walked to Matt.
He skipped the *standing on your own* stage, and the *take two steps, and fall down* stage. He has moved to the *I can walk down the hall, through the kitchen, and into the dining room, alone* stage.
I am crying as I type this, because I truly believe that this is a miracle. We have been praying that Parker would walk prior to his neurology appointment on the 28th of February. And today he did it!! Andrew's birthday is Friday, and he told me that Parker walking is a great birthday present for him!!
I think that this will help his CD ENORMOUSLY!! If he is off his hands and knees, he will definately pick up less gluten crumbs off floors and stuff!! Yee-Haw, Baby!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Picky GF eater!!!

You know that age between 18 months and two-years-old that children decide that they have control over what they eat? They become "picky". Some kids stay that way. I have been fortunate with my other two fabulous sons, that it was a short lived phase. Parker has unfortunately entered that stage. He always is in the mood for chicken nuggets and pasta. Unfortunately, his GF chicken nuggets are $5/box, and there are only 10 small nuggets in a box. He eats 5 in a sitting. He also loves GF pasta, with or without sauce. He will eat unlimited fruits and veggies, so that is a blessing!! I have been searching for some "kid friendly" gluten free recipes. I found a great cookbook:
Wheat-Free, Gluten-Free Cookbook for Kids and Busy Adults, by Connie Sarros

It has some yummy recipes that I am excited to try. I will keep you all *posted* (tee-hee-hee)

Thursday, February 15, 2007

So Gluten is just breads and pasta, right?

I am finding that many people have no clue what gluten is. Those that say that they know about gluten say "Oh, like bread and pasta, right?". And then there are those few and far between that say "Oh, gosh...gluten is in everything!" That about sums it up. Gluten is in just about everything.
First there are the grains:
Wheat (Einkorn, Durum, Faro, Graham, Kamut, Semolina, Spelt)
Oats are a maybe
Then there are all of the derivatives...too many to name here. All the secret things that gluten is hidden behind.
You would be shocked. Ketchup, soy sauce, french fries..all can contain gluten."What!", you may say. "How is there gluten in any of those things?" Manufacturers use gluten as a thickening agent. It is hidden in things like "natural flavorings". You can buy safe alternatives to many products. Some choose to just eat completely natural. I think we are a combination of both. Parker eats more fruits and veggies than any 18 month old I know. He eats them both dried and fresh MANY times a day. GF bread is so expensive (about $5/loaf), that I bake him his own at home.
We DO find GF treats in the mainstream grocery stores. For instance, last night was Valentines Day. Thank Goodness for Peeps!!
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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The beginning of a journey

I was never into blogging, but perhaps it will be therapeutic, and I am willing to try anything. I was actually ecstatic to discover that Parker had Celiac Disease (CD). I was so tired of knowing that something was wrong, and not being able to fix it. He was sick for months. He gained no weight between his 12 and 15 month appointments. He had diarrhea 8+ times a day. Test after test showed us nothing, and he seemed to be in pain physically. I told every doctor available that he seemed to hurt and wince when he moved. They did x-ray's and told me he was fine. Then one day, a friend mentioned "maybe it's gluten?". I looked it up online, and called his pediatrician that day. Lo and behold, Celiac Disease. My friend and foe. After one week of being gluten free (GF). Parker was pulling up and crawling with no apparent pain. Within one week of being GF, Parker's diarrhea had stopped. Within one week of being GF, Parker had gained 10oz.!!

I say Celiac Disease is my friend, because it is manageable. As long as Parker does not consume ANY gluten, he can lead a healthy, normal life. When even a tiny amount enters his body, he gets sick. Most days are good, some days are bad. The bad days are becoming fewer and fewer as I get better about cooking, reading labels, and cross contamination.
Today was a good day.