Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tomorrow we see the neurologist

Tomorrow we take Parker to see Dr. Narus. He is a pediatric neurologist here in town. He also sits on the metabolic board up at OHSU. He has the blood work results in his hot little hand from all of Parkers tests a few weeks ago. All I know is that there were six test results that came back "out of the normal range". I am sick with worry, but I know that my God is a great God, who loves Parker more that Matt or I.
Before Parker was walking, we were told by our pediatrician that Parker would definately have to go up to Portland for an MRI. Now that he is walking (although not regularly), we are hoping that is not the case. We probably will still have to go up there for more blood work, but who knows...
If you think about it, please be praying for us.


Lyns said...

Will do Hon. Sending ((hugs))

SkinCareMom said...

You know you have all our prayers!

Love you!