Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Needles, Zoo, and Charlie

We have been so incredibly busy around here, I have had NO time to post.  A few weeks ago was our appointment with Dr. Green in Oregon City.  He is a DAN doctor and we were very excited to have an appointment with him for Parker.  We decided to make a 3 day trip out of it, so we were not running up there and back in 24 hours.  

The actual appointment w/ Dr. Green could not have gone better.  He addressed all of our biomedical concerns and gave us more information and things to try than we ever could have asked for.  We are trying many things over the next few weeks, which include different enzymes, supplements, vitamins, and B-12 injections.  I was really nervous about giving Parker injections every three days, but I did it and we have seen a HUGE difference already!  I give them to him while he is sleeping, and so far he hasn't even woken up!;)
We had a whole BUNCH of test done, including 9 blood tests, 4 stool tests, and one urine test.  We have a phone appointment at the beginning of May to go over the results, and figure out what the plan is.

                                                      Bloodwork is NO FUN for anyone!

                                            Hanging with Daddy after the tests are complete
As part of our little trip, we went to the Oregon Zoo in  Portland.  It was cold and sprinkling off and on, but there was hardly anyone there, which was great!  The boys had a great time, and the zoo isn't too huge which was good for everyone!

And last, but not least...our newest addition.  Meet Charlie:

The newest little boy in the Sampson crew.  He is a Cavi-poo, which is half Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and half Poodle.  He was born January 18th 2008, and we brought him home a week ago.  The boys are over the moon to FINALLY have a dog!!  It is true what they say. Having a puppy IS like having another baby, but we thought that it was important to raise a dog from a puppy in this loud house...especially for Parker.  He is so incredibly fun and soft, but I REALLY Can't wait until he sleeps through the night...and potty trains!!

I will update more soon!