Tuesday, March 27, 2007


I was so excited that last night we got to go to see the Newsboys in concert, here in Medford. It was such a FABULOUS concert!! We went with our great friend Brad (I miss you, Alisha), and had so much fun! It was Matt and my 6th time of seeing the Newsboys in concert, and they keep getting better.

It was great to have a night out, and my sickie son was in great hands (thx, Beth!)

Two ear infections, One ruptured eardrum, and a Partridge in a pear tree!!

Parker has finished his antibiotics for his last infection, and has not been getting better. The weekend was horrible. He was just so sick. Saturday night he was up crying three times with me. He has slept so well since being GF, that I though maybe we had made a boo-boo, but he was showing none of his other gluten symptoms. We put him to bed Sunday night, medicated, bathed, and humidifier blasting. He slept great. He woke up Monday morning with snot everywhere, including his ear. I got him all cleaned up, thinking that he had wiped his nose and then rubbed his ear (gross, I know!). A few minutes later I notice that his ear is leaking (ummm...yuck!), and after getting him cleaned up again, we call the ped. He is seen in the morning, and the doc says that both ears are badly infected, and his right eardrum has ruptured. I was told that the reason he seemed better Monday than over the weekend is that after the eardrum bursts, it relieves the pressure and pain in that ear. We are given prescriptions for a stronger oral antibiotic, and a eardrop antibiotic. Hopefully, this stuff will work, and he will be back to his usual self!

Monday, March 19, 2007

General Mills...I love you!!

General Mills cereals have been making some changes. Now some of their cereals are GF!!!
I will still have to read the labels carefully, because there are some older boxes out there.
NOTE of CAUTION:Some of these contain oats, which most celiacs eat, although we have yet to try it with Parker.

Double Ear Infection!!

We are on the antibiotic route AGAIN!! We took Parker in because his pink eye was not clearing up + he starting running a fever. He has a double ear infection. Poor guy. So he was started on some major antibiotics, and we began giving him probiotics at home along with them. The antibiotics were making his stomach bad, but once we started the probiotics we were on the road to recovery.
Hopefully today we will be making some GF playdough. Brennan has been begging for playdough for a week!
I will post after we make it, and let you know how the recipe turns out!
PS- Trader Joes Pear Sauce hides the taste of probiotics well, and is OH SO YUMMY!!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A small gluten panic!!

Holy Pink Eye, Batman (thx,Lyns...I have been saying it all day cuz of your blog;)
I just had a small panic about the eye drop Rx that Parker started yesterday. I didn't even check to see if it was GF.
Called the manufactuer.
It is.
Whew! (wipe brow)
You would think that Celaics can only get gluten from food, but that is not true.
Cleaning supplies, shampoos, soaps, dish soaps, sunblock, toothpaste...all can contain gluten.
Gluten Free product of the Day:
Mary Kay SunBlock (thx Jen)

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Pink Eye!!! GROSS!!

So, first Matt got it. Then Brennan. Then Andrew.

Then it seemed to be all better and we went to Disneyland.

Then we return, and Matt gets it again! Now Parker.

I am losing the battle against Pink Eye in my home. I am washing everything in sight that could be re-contaminating us. Yesterday, the doctor did a swab of Matt's eye to see if it is bacterial or viral, as he has now finished his Rx.

Oh, man...please Lord, keep it in the *boys club*. Don't let the mommy get it!!


So, we had a great time in Disneyland. The weather could have not been more perfect. Andrew was a little daredevil, and rode every ride that was thrown at him. His favorite ride was California Screamin'. Brennan loved the rockets, and enjoyed the characters a lot. Parker rode with us everything, and liked all the characters except Woody (Toy Story).

I was a little disappointed with Dlands Gluten Free list. It contained all of the restaurants in the parks that he could eat at, but at each one we would have to speak to the chef as to what was gluten free. That may be fine for an adult, but for a picky 19month old, we could end up at 4-5 places before finding something that I thought he would eat. I just ended up packing all of his food every day, and they gave me NO ISSUES at bringing in large bags of food daily.

Here are some pics for your enjoyment:
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Kisses for the Mouse
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Buzz and the Big Boys
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Parkers favorite ride

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Traveling with a child with dietary restrictions

So, we leave for our trip to Disneyland in two days (yipee!!). This will be our first trip away, since Parker has been diagnosed with CD. I should re-phrase that. We have gone down to Cali and stayed at my mom's house, but never have yet had to do the hotel/multiple days thing. I took for granted how easy it was to travel, prior to our "new life". Now, meals have to be planned, prepped, and thought carefully through. Shopping has to be done, and food brought with us...WHAT A PAIN!!!

We are going to Disneyland. Supposedly, the "Happiest Gluten-Free place on Earth". I have spoken to "Disney Dining" twice. I have permission to bring as much food as necessary into the park, plus I was told that "City Hall" on Main St. will provide me a complete list of the restaurants within Disneyland and CA Adventure with gluten free choices, and who to speak to at each place to ensure that there is no cross contamination. It is nice to know that we will have some dinner options, but we will still bring all of Parker's lunches and snacks into the parks, as well as breakfasts at the hotel.

I can't wait to let you know all about our trip.