Tuesday, March 13, 2007


So, we had a great time in Disneyland. The weather could have not been more perfect. Andrew was a little daredevil, and rode every ride that was thrown at him. His favorite ride was California Screamin'. Brennan loved the rockets, and enjoyed the characters a lot. Parker rode with us everything, and liked all the characters except Woody (Toy Story).

I was a little disappointed with Dlands Gluten Free list. It contained all of the restaurants in the parks that he could eat at, but at each one we would have to speak to the chef as to what was gluten free. That may be fine for an adult, but for a picky 19month old, we could end up at 4-5 places before finding something that I thought he would eat. I just ended up packing all of his food every day, and they gave me NO ISSUES at bringing in large bags of food daily.

Here are some pics for your enjoyment:
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Kisses for the Mouse
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Buzz and the Big Boys
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Parkers favorite ride


SkinCareMom said...

Great pics Em! I am sorry it was such a hassle to find the food Parker could eat.. but what a switch about being able to bring his food in!


Lyns said...

OMG Em, sooo cute!! Parker is such a doll.. and Andrew and Bren.. Yikes they're getting to be such big boys huh!! Ready for one more to go on to school? Im surely not!! Anyway, thanks for sharing those pics. Was the park crowded! Im glad they gave you no fuss in bringing in Parkers food!