Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pink Eye!!! GROSS!!

So, first Matt got it. Then Brennan. Then Andrew.

Then it seemed to be all better and we went to Disneyland.

Then we return, and Matt gets it again! Now Parker.

I am losing the battle against Pink Eye in my home. I am washing everything in sight that could be re-contaminating us. Yesterday, the doctor did a swab of Matt's eye to see if it is bacterial or viral, as he has now finished his Rx.

Oh, man...please Lord, keep it in the *boys club*. Don't let the mommy get it!!


SkinCareMom said...

UGH!!!! Just a hint from experience... make sure the boys are not sharing soft toys with each other during this time ;)

Love ya!

Lyns said...

Yuck. Sorry Hon, you're dealing w/all this!! ((Hugs)) and hopes for it to be gone soon!