Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A small gluten panic!!

Holy Pink Eye, Batman (thx,Lyns...I have been saying it all day cuz of your blog;)
I just had a small panic about the eye drop Rx that Parker started yesterday. I didn't even check to see if it was GF.
Called the manufactuer.
It is.
Whew! (wipe brow)
You would think that Celaics can only get gluten from food, but that is not true.
Cleaning supplies, shampoos, soaps, dish soaps, sunblock, toothpaste...all can contain gluten.
Gluten Free product of the Day:
Mary Kay SunBlock (thx Jen)

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SkinCareMom said...

Glad you found out about the MK sunscreen! And I just checked with the company~~~the NEW one is also gluten free, according to the Medical Relations person I talked with!

Yep.... the milk thing comes into play with all sorts of products also, so I am well-versed in watching for things!

Love ya!

Lyns said...

Holy Pink Eye is right!! I am glad things worked out tonight, and good for you, Mama, for being on top of that!! I can only imagine how exhausting it can get, remembering to watch for *everything*. Keep up the great work Hon, you really are doing amazing things for Parker!! ((Hugs))