Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Want to know a secret?

I think that I am a shame to mothers of Gluten Free children everywhere. Every gluten free blog I read is full of people who love to cook gluten free dishes, and they do it beautifully. They show pictures of their incredible creations, and I drool a little bit on my keyboard. Having a child with CD means that cooking is a must. You must cook most (if not all) of your meals and bake most (if not all) of your baked goods. Here is my dirty little secret...
I hate to cook. I don't enjoy it, even a little bit. I am not very good at it, and it is not fun for me.
I feel better now that it is off my chest. People have told me that I will enjoy it more, if I do it more. I am trying. Maybe if I was good at it, I would like it. But there are some things that I actually DO make well, and I don't even find joy in making those things.
But sometimes you have to do things in life that you do not like. I could probably get away with cooking less, if I made my whole household gluten free, but I am not ready to do that yet. So, for now, I cook 2 dinners most nights. I am aware that someday that will have to change. Right now Parker is allergic to dairy and corn in addition to having CD, so my choices of recipes are somewhat limited.
So, I keep plugging away...doing what I need to do to keep Parker happy and healthy. Right now, I have a loaf of bread to bake.


Lyns said...

I'll bite.. the more ya do it, the more ya will enjoy it :0P AND.. here's my secret.. look for recipes that look good to you :0P Much more appealing that way :0) And.. go for easy! Kraftfoods.com and I are great friends ;0)
Luv ya Hon, and I know your job is much tougher than mine, but know that Im always here if ya wanna chat thru making dinners .. sometimes that helps too!
(PS, I wrote back to you in my blog)

SkinCareMom said...

Totally understand Em.... *I think that is why Uncle Ric does most of the cooking around here ;)* But... as you know doing what needs to be done isn't always what we want to do! And figuring out the simple dishes that appeal to you as well as Parker (and the rest of the gang if need be) will definitely help!