Monday, September 24, 2007

I wasn't even THINKING!!

So, I was making brownies (gluten filled) last night for our weekly date with D&E. I started to clean up after I put then in the oven, went to rinse out the bowl, and shoved the gluten covered brownie spatula into my mouth.
Instant panic.
I spit it out into the sink and then rinsed my mouth out with water about 10x.
Really stupid. It just shows that on the GF diet you can never stop thinking. 28 years of not thinking about what I put into my mouth is a hard habit to break.
I took a multi-enzyme, and hoped for the best.
I didn't get sick.


SkinCareMom said...

Oh sweetie..... it is hard when the problem isn't something you have had to deal with all your life. Believe me, I know!

Auntie Jill:-)

The Gubler Gazette said...

Hi- you don't know me but i just happened onto your blog today and saw this one about you almost taking a taste of the brownie. so, are you celiac? Did i spell that right? My sister is too. She was diagnosed soon after having her first child. That was years ago though. Good luck with all of it and thanks for the fun blog- maybe i will check in again sometime.