Saturday, September 29, 2007

Cold feet

Nothing is worse than cold feet.
I am a warm weather girl, and to be perfectly honest...
I HATE the cold.
I love summer time
Wearing flip flops
Fraps from Starbucks and smoothies from my kitchen
Eating dinner on the deck

And now...fall is upon us.
It is cold, and wet, and cold, and rainy, and COLD!!
I know, I know. There is something about being in a warm house, eating homemade soup, watching the rain pound on the windows. And don't get me wrong. That is fun and cozy...for a day or two.
Then the boys get bored,
and runny noses start,
and layers of clothing just to go out and get the mail,
and bundling three cranky boys up to just run to the grocery store.
And NOTHING is worse than COLD feet.
Time to break out some wool socks!!


SkinCareMom said...

I can so relate... which is why I will never live somewhere else ;)

Get yourself some UGGS... Morgan swears by them for those frosty mornings on the pool deck!

rjconrad said...

i don't love the rain, but i do love fall. boot season!!

Lyns said...

Amen-Sister-Friend.. 'specially 'bout the running noses. They've found us too!!

Tina said...

Time to get some comfy slipper socks mama! I hate cold feet too. I never wear shoes, so if I am not wearing sandals, my fuzzy slipper socks come out.


BradnAlisha said...

Brad's sister Traci says that rainy days motivate her to clean the house. NOT ME! I just wanna curl up with a book, a starbucks, and a warm fire. Why don't 6,4, and 3 year old boys agree with my plan! :) It just makes them want to ride bikes IN the house! :)

HoganWorld said...

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