Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Good...but not as good as Auntie Lynnie's

Last night I made fried potatoes.  My intent was to make a big batch for the boys, so that it was easy to warm up for those early morning school breakfasts.  My intent was that they would last a few days.  That was my intent. ;)
So, as I am making them the boys are begging to have them with dinner.  So much for a bunch of breakfasts!  I served up two small bowls full for the two big boys, and decided that what I wanted was "De Anza Browns" potatoes (I miss eating them with my mommy).  So I melted some cheese on a bowl of fried potatoes, added sour cream, avocado, and salsa (wishing I had some bacon).  They were divine!!  I think I will do them for dinner next week for the whole fam (with bacon).  
Andrew and Bren are eating them at the bar.  I ask, "How are they boys?"
Bren- "Good"
Andrew-"...but not as good as Auntie Lynnie's."

Oh well...I tried.

We only had enough for two small bowls for the big boys for breakfast.  They were popular, even if they were not "Auntie Lynnie" quality.

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