Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting into the soccer groove

First some pics, then the story. 
PS- Bren is #15

So Brennan played kindersoccer in the fall and just started back up with the spring league.  He loves it.  In the fall, he was the "nice" team mate who stepped away to give someone else a chance to kick it (his team or the opposing team).  I kept reminding him that it wasn't mean to try  to kick the ball away from the other team, and to keep kicking it toward the goal if you have the ball.  He would agree with what I was saying, and then continue to back away if someone came up to him.  He didn't seem afraid...just kind and generous.  During the entire season, he didn't score one goal.  Lots of assists...but no goal.
Well, spring soccer is here and a different Brennan is playing.  he is still sweet and kind, but something has clicked.  The first game of the season, he scored THREE goals!!

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