Tuesday, May 27, 2008

End of the school year

Even though it doesn't feel like the end of May (weather wise), it feels like another school year is coming to a close.  The boys are excited for summer and the thrills that come with the last part of the year.  For instance, today Bren climbs excitedly into the car as I am picking him up, and exclaims, "I had ice cream at school!"  Unfortunately, he could not remember WHY they got ice cream (apparently all of the sugar so early in the morning had gone to his brain).  Andrew came home yelling, "Guess what, Mom!?!  No homework today!!  Mrs. Coleman forgot to copy our reading logs!!"  
You would have thought that Christmas had come early. 
So now they are outside playing some game involving weapons (as boys will do), and dreaming of days with no school, running through the sprinklers, and Sonic slushes!
Days like these, I love being a mom of boys.


GF baking queen said...

oh don't remind me!! Countdown to Friday has begun... geesh!! :)

rjconrad said...

amen, sister soul.