Sunday, May 18, 2008

funny pics

Michael and Katie came over for dinner last week and were were playing with my new Mac Book Pro.  I am excited about this computer for numerous reasons.  Matt wrote a grant for 2 of them, which we got.  Free computers are the best kind.  I am producing all of the sparrow DVD's for our region now, and while my other mac works fine, while it is transferring/burning, etc. I can't use the computer.  So now I can continue to work while producing the dvd's.  Plus now I can work anywhere.  In the fall Parker will be in a EI autism program 3x/wk, and I will probably be down at our Asante office more often.  All of that to say, my new computer has a program called PhotoBooth.  It takes a pic with my built in camera and has tons of different effects.  Needless to say...we had a bit of fun.  Here are a few to share with you:


rjconrad said...

love these pictures and love photobooth!

GF baking queen said...

TOO FUNNY!! I love them! :)