Tuesday, April 24, 2007

P is for Parker and Pneumonia

I haven't blogged in a while, because life has been very chaotic around here.
Thursday: Parker started running a low temp. I chalk it up to teething.
Friday: In the morning Parker seems the same, but by lunch time he is really acting sick: shivering, fever, fussy, and tired. I decided to take him to the Dr. I thought it was an ear infection. We had plans to go to K-Falls for the weekend (Matt was preaching, and we were leading worship over there). By the time I get Parker to the Ped. his temp is 105!! They stripped him down , and gave him a shot of something to help with the fever. They examine him, and decide to do some bloodwork. They were checking for meningitis (among other things). After the blood work comes back, they send him for a chest x-ray. We look at the scans...pneumonia in both lungs! Poor guy. He fever was maintaining around 103, even with meds, but they said that was ok. I will give him the acetametaphen and ibuprofin alternating every three hours around the clock, as well as the antibiotic.

Needless to say...Park and I didn't go to K-Falls.:(

Fast Forward to today: Parker had another temp spike on Sunday night, but seems to be doing better today. We will lay low (think, house arrest) for the rest of the week, but hopefully he will continue to improve as the week goes on.


Lyns said...

Ahh, poor baby!! I hope he gets to feeling better. I know you know this from experience, but it really is true for so many of my friends.. watch for that pneumonia and asthma link! Whit's had it ever since she had pneumonia :0(

SkinCareMom said...

Big {{{{HUGS}}}}} for Parker and you!!!!! Wish I could be there to just hold him so you could get some rest sweetie!

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

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