Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Easter-GF style!

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Having a GF Easter this year was easier than expected!

Friday night: The older two boys dyed eggs after Parker went to bed. I was unsure about gluten in the dye, and it would definately be MESSY if we tried to include Parker this year. Next year I will be more prepared.

Saturday: It was a busy day. Andrew had TWO back to back birthday parties to attend. Brennan and I had a non-GF date (thx to Papa and Grandma Sandy who sent the boys Starbucks cards for Easter). See pic above. The Crawford family came over and we had an Easter egg hunt and BBQ. It is great celebrating with another GF family, no fear of contamination! We filled the eggs with freeze dried fruit and little goodies like bouncy balls, erasers, and other small toys.
Sunday: Church in the a.m., and then BBQ and Egg hunt with the Jacobs/Pepin families. The kids had a ball. I filled Parkers eggs with Smarties and GF Jelly Beans and hid his on the patio. It worked out well since he can't stand or walk on grass alone yet. The eggs were found quickly and the hunt was over in less than 3 minutes!:)
Everything was so easy this year. I know it will probably get harder as Parker gets older, and wants to participate in public hunts, but for now I am happy!


SkinCareMom said...

Awesome Em! We had a "different" type of egg hunt this year as well since all the kids are older (Nate being the youngest at 8). My mom filled plastic eggs with $$$.... 6 color coded eggs per grandchild (17,15,14,13,8). One egg had $10, one $5, one $1 and the rest pennies. The kids had a blast finding their "special color". Of course, my nephew who is 17 had his eggs hidden in the most difficult hiding places!
Happy Easter!

lranii said...

OK, the pic at the top in Brennan??? I can't believe how much he looks like Andrew!!!! Wow. They are growing up so fast :)