Monday, January 14, 2008

So now I know why I was so grumpy!

When I read my last post this morning I thought, "Geez, Emilie!" I really did need a cup of coffee...and maybe some Sudafed!  I came down later that day with the bug that the rest of my family has been passing around (how generous of them, huh!).  I am usually fairly optimistic, and not usually prone to complaining, so when I do, it is a clue that something is up.  I could barely get up off the couch on Thursday night, and Friday was painful, but by Saturday morning I was feeling considerably better!  I still seel like I am breathing in ammonia when I inhale through my nose, and am still pretty stuffed up, but all in all, I am able to function.
Last week I discovered a new little health food store in Medford.  Of course, I had to pop in and see what kind of gluten free goodies they offered.  The couple that owns it is super nice, and they had the new Glutino Pretzel Sticks!! 
They taste SO MUCH like regular pretzel stick, but are stronger than typical pretzels, so they are great for dipping.  The down side...$6.99/bag.  Yup, they are not cheap, but it isn't common that I find something gf that Parker and I instantly fall in love with.  I figure they are OK for a treat every now and then.  I have to limit Parker though.  He would eat the whole bag in one day if I let him (He is a pretzel boy like his Papa.  Since M&M's and Tootsie Rolls are out, be will have to fall to the pull of Diet Coke next! :))
I am committed to saving all our receipts and document our spending on GF/CF food this year, so that we have it for tax write-offs next year.  Plus, I think that it will be interesting to see how much we are spending on "special diet foods".  I am pretty good about not buying TOO many prepackaged gf foods.  It just adds up too quickly.  Speaking of which, I have been attempting to make a gf sourdough bread.  I think that my starter is ready, so tonight I shall bake!  We will see how it turns out.


bradnalisha said...

You are so ambitious! Making your own sourdough bread and all. And I never thought of calculationg special diet food for tax purposes. Hey, I went to a Whole Foods store in CA the other night and they had EVERYTHING I needed. I couldn't believe it. And it is such a nice store. It felt like the Disneyland of all grocery stores. Expensive too, but I was in a jam and was thankful to find stuff. I thought of you and hope they come to Medford some day.
Give Parker kisses from me,

Super Mom! said...

So maybe I'll have to try making something like this?! Soft pretzels will have to do for now... but you never know!! The power of Jenn and the magic gluten free flour could make a huge killing with pretzel sticks... going to look into it! Thank you for being my GF knight and helping with all this stuff!! You rock!!