Monday, January 7, 2008

Parker's new team

At the end of '07, we had Parker's eligibility meeting for Autism services through the school district. He qualified with "flying colors", and he has a new team of amazing therapists for 2008.

They are (in random order):
Monica (3x/week): Autism Specialist
Kathy (1x/wk): Autism Specialist
Adena (1x/wk): "Play" therapist
Nancy (2x/mo.): Speech therapist
Linda (1x/mo): Speech therapist (SLP)
Barb (1x/mo): Occupational therapist
Alice (1x/quarter): Physical therapist

All of this therapy is "in home" with the exception of Adena. It is a lot of work, but Parker works the hardest of all, so I guess the rest of us can deal!;)

He is making progress and is beginning to show "splinter skills". Although his vocabulary is not expanding much, he is obsessed with numbers and letters. He loves to count and spells words that he sees all around him! (T-O-W-M-A-T-E-R on his cup...T-A-R-G-E-T on the sign). We are encouraged by the progress, and will keep you posted!


SkinCareMom said...

Awesome news Em.... I know Parker will show wonderful progress as he is getting the early interventions. It will be a LOT of work for you and Matt (especially with the having people in all the time); but the benefits will be evident!

{{{HUGS}}} ~~wish they could be in person!
Auntie Jill:-)

bradnalisha said...

So cool to hear! And I am not surprised. That little man has so many skills just waiting to burst out of him. He is amazing and has two amazing parents. I can't wait to hear more.
Alisha and the boys :)