Monday, May 14, 2007

I got glutened!!

I got glutened at the restaurant that we ate at last night, and ended up being sick most of the night. Yuck! My reactions seem so much worse as the gluten is out of my system (for the most part) now. Eating out can be so scary for a Celiac. It is a risk to take. It is hard to have the guts to try new places. I am always so afraid. I love to eat out, but I guess in the future I will be more careful!

Safe places in Medford (for sit down meals)
-Thai Bistro
-Red Robin
-Outback Steakhouse
There are definately others, but those are the restaurants that I have consistant success at. Hopefully, as time goes by that list will get longer and longer.


SkinCareMom said...

I am so sorry you had to deal with being sick for Mother's Day! Not fun! But at least you are compiling a list of acceptable restaurants! I will check with my friend (she has 2 teens who are GF) about restaurants she might be able to recommend and get you that list via email!

Love ya!

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