Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Have we mentioned that he is spelling? Yup. The boy spells. He doesn't say his name, but he can sure spell it!! Monica (2,3,4 as she is lovingly referred to by Parker) was working on a worksheet with Park. They were coloring a duck and she told him she was writing his name on the top of the page, and did so. The next day, they were coloring shapes, and she wrote his name on the top of the paper, without saying anything, and he just watched. The third day she got out a paper, and asked, "Should we write your name on the paper?"
We hear a soft, "Peeeee"
She silently writes a "P" and looks at me.
He is staring at the page.
She writes it. I am silently FREAKING OUT!!
I feel like I am going to hyperventilate. Monica is holding it together for the both of us. ;)
She writes an 'R' and looks at Parker.
"What comes next?"
She writes a 'K'.
She writes an 'E'.
I pinch myself. This can't really be happening. Our son can spell?!
"what comes next, Parker?"
He says this last letter in a sing-song voice. I grab him and pull him into a hug.
"Good Boy, Parker!!!!! You are amazing!!!! You spelled Parker!!!"
He looks at me (his eye contact is improving)
And it starts again.

There is not much better than these huge sucesses. He doesn't say his name, but he can spell it!!!
The wonderful couple in the nursery at church told me that he spelled "W-E-L-C-O-M-E" to everyone who poked their head in (there is a sign up on one of the walls);)
My silly, amazing boy!


SkinCareMom said...

Definitely showing the signs of the brightness we all know is there! Your mom told me about the spelling and the numbers when we had dinner with them last week!

{{{HUGS}}} to you and your boys....

5Crawfords said...

A..w..e..s..o..m..e!! Though not surprised at all - that boy is a smarty-pants and I think we've just seen the beginning. We're proud of him and you guys! ...and now about this dog?! You know, this affects us too, because when we get back someday your little dog and our giant dog better be able to co-exist...on a boat no less! ;) Love, Brad

5Crawfords said...


That sorry gives me chills. So glad you have it in writing to look back on over the years. A memory to be cherished forever, and just the beginning of many,many more!
love you guys, alisha and the boys

5Crawfords said...

Oops! It's getting late here. Meant to say "story," not "sorry"

Go, Parker, Go! We love you!

Goodnight! :)