Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Verbal Apraxia


"I Do Talk To You"
I know you can’t hear me....but I do talk to you.
And I hear everything you say to me too.
I hear when you laugh, when I do something funny.
I hear you yell "Hooray" when I try so hard.
I hear you tell others how you’d never trade me for the world even with all the trials I came with.
I hear you thank God for what a blessing you have been given.
I hear you encourage me when I can almost do it.
I hear you cry, too, when it gets a little harder
And when you ask God "Why?!" your baby.
And I know you know I understand somehow.
And you know I listen when you talk to me too.
But, I want you to know, mom...........
I do talk to you


SkinCareMom said...

What a cutie.. and sooooooo TRUE!!!!!!!!!

Love and {{{{HUGS}}}}

Lyns said...

So sweet Em. Sorry Im so behind both here, and on my own blog. Im so addicted to the myspace, here has suffered. I'll work on it! I love all the new pics here, and the updates. We too are working on possible OT for SI as well. Good luck with the EI stuff, I've missed that already!!
TTYS. MWAH. Keep me posted about being in town too!!

The Gubler Gazette said...

it is me-the stranger again. anyway, you teach your little boy sign. i have taught both of mine to sign too. I absolutely love it. I bet you think i am crazy just writing to a stranger, but your blog is just too interesting. Good job!

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